Glyph drives have longer warranties than the industry standard, and many drives include an Advance Replacement Policy. While warranties and policies are valuable when it comes to hardware failure, they do not guarantee that your data is secure. The only way to guard against data loss is to backup your work in more than one place. Even with good backup practices, data can still be lost. At Glyph we understand that your data is precious to you, so we provide basic data recovery services for Glyph drives and drives that are manufactured by other companies.

How it Works

Glyph offers data recovery for both Glyph hard drives and non-Glyph hard drives. We offer "First Level" data recovery, which means we will use our experience with hardware and software IN AN ATTEMPT to retrieve your data. We are often successful at recovering data using one or more software applications to fix the directory and scan the disk. If your Glyph drive can be fixed using these utilities, or other hardware methods, we cover that FOR FREE in the first two years of warranty of your Glyph drive. We are not obligated and we can't guarantee that we'll recover your data, but we'll give it our best attempt, for free. Compare our policy to what other drive vendors offer - all reasons to choose Glyph.

What if Glyph can't get my data back?

Glyph has experience recovering data from hard drives. We've been quietly doing it for our customers for years. However, we are not a fully-equipped "data recovery house" with a clean room, so we cannot open the hard drive to recover data. We use software tools to recover data, and if your drive needs more sophisticated recovery, we can send your drive to a partner company who specializes in advanced data recovery services. We'll take a first level look at your drive, and if we can't solve your problem, we'll connect you to someone who can. Costs associated with partner data recovery efforts are the responsiblity of the customer, not Glyph. Please contact our Tech Support Department to learn more about your data recovery options.

What the other guys offer

It's important to point out a large difference between Glyph's customer support and other drive vendors' support. If you have valuable data on a Glyph drive being sent in for repair, we make securing your data our first concern. Many drive vendors simply erase your drive as soon as it enters their building because they don't want to be legally responsible for your data. And they say so right on their web sites:

  • "You are responsible for saving or backing up data contained in any product returned. All data on your returned drive will be lost."
  • "**** is not able to offer data recovery services."
  • "When a drive is received, all data on the drive is completely erased."
  • "When a drive arrives at our returns depot, it is low level formatted.
  • **** does not perform any data recovery services."
  • "Back up your data before returning your drive to ****, we cannot under any circumstances guarantee the integrity of data remaining on a returned drive. We make no provisions for data recovery."

What about non-Glyph drives?

If you have a hard drive that was not manufactured by Glyph, don't fret we'll still try our hardest to help you. For other manufacturer's drives, and out of warranty Glyph drives, we charge a minimum of 2 hours labor, and the hourly rate after that. The following is a table chart of rates. Click here for a rate chart.

The Fine Print

Please note that Glyph will not, under any circumstances, be liable for direct, special or consequential damages as such, but not limited to, damage or loss of property or equipment, loss of profits or revenues, cost of replacement goods, or expense or inconvenience caused by attempted data recovery. Glyph will have no responsibility for data and will have no liability arising out of any damage to or loss of such data while the product is in Glyph's possession. Also note that Glyph takes no responsibility whatsoever for the services provided by our data recovery partners.