A cool drive is a healthy drive

A cool drive is a healthy drive.

The GT 050Q uses a quiet internal fan for maximum airflow and proper cooling. The case is designed with front-panel ventilation holes to draw cool air in, while exhausting warm air out the back - critical to the performance and reliability of the components.

Nobody likes wallwarts

Nobody likes wall-warts.

They are easily misplaced, or accidentally unplugged from the drive, and take up valuable outlet space. The GT 050Q uses an industry-standard power cord and pro-quality internal power supply for the most efficient and reliable power source possible.

Optional Rack-mount kits

Optional rack-mount kits.

The GT Series Single Rack Kit transforms your GT 050Q into a 1U rack-mount hard drive. The Double Rack Kit mounts any two Glyph GT Series tabletop drives in a 1U rack space. (Sold separately).

Quad Connectivity

Quad Connectivity.

The GT 050Q provides all the ports you'd possibly need. With FireWire 800, FireWire 400, USB 2.0 and eSATA options, you can connect the GT050Q to your external interface of choice. eSATA is a cutting edge technology option, giving you the fastest bus speed available.

3-2-1 Warranty

Best Warranty in the Industry.

We are confident that our drive systems perform at the most reliable level. We back them up with a 3-Year warranty, 2-Year Free Basic Data Recovery Policy, and 1-Year Advance Replacement (U.S. Continental 48 States only).

What They're Saying:

Essential Pro Tools external drive

Working with Pro Tools 9 you need a powerful, fast external drive for playback of your song files. This is an essential component of the Pro Tools setup and the GT-050Q does the job perfectly. It is solidly constructed and is in every way a quality hardware component suitable for professional applications. You have a choice of connections and I'm using the FireWire-800 into a MacBook Pro. With 1TB of storage and the speed of the FireWire together with 8GB RAM on the MacBook I have an excellent and reliable studio setup.
-RoryRacer from Sydney, Australia

Great Product

Great product. Quiet, reliable, fast. I've owned a LOT of external hard drives, these are the best for my uses. I use the FW800 interface for HD Video editing.
-MrPete from Santa Cruz, CA

Excellent Hard Drive

The GT-050Q is reflective of all of Glyph's hard drives ... a solid, reliable hard drive. I've owned three so far and all have worked flawlessly. When your life's work is on a hard drive, piece of mind is priceless.
-Meech from USA

A must have for music production!

The Glyph GT050Q is a must have for music production. The firewire 800 allows for fast processing and the unit is perfect for backing up all of your hard work. If you work with Pro Tools or any other music production software...you need this! And its super quiet...i cant even tell its on...
-Guitar Shockey from Greenville, SC

Best Hard Drive ever!

Rock-solid, super quiet, and ya can't beat the warranty which includes basic data recovery services! Nice appointments like a standard AC cord, no wall wart, all for a nominal amount more than what you can get at Worst Buy.
-Greenjeans Studios from Wichita, KS

Excellent Drive

I use this drive for HD editing and there is no lag what-so-ever. Very fast and portable. Great drive for portable editing with a laptop or for shuttling footage from one computer to another.
-Matt from Woodside, NY

Great, reliable hard drive

I use these in a professional environment for storing large amounts of data. I am up to 8 of them now. Being that hard drives are bound to crash at some point, Glyph has always been great with their warranty and recovering data quickly-- even though I believe only one of them has ever crashed.
-Acpants from New York, NY


Professional Recording Studio Quality product met and exceeded every expectation.[...]I will be a return customer for sure!
-PMA STUDIOS from Medford Long Island New York

So glad I bought this hard drive

I use this Glyph HD as my main photo drive. It is fast, quiet and so far has been impeccably reliable. I've only owned it a short while so I can't comment on how it will hold up over the long haul, but I bought this HD vs. all the others based on reviews by people using it for pro audio. They are much more demanding of it than I, and if it works well for them I felt it would be a good choice. It is in a very durable shell. Also comes with a custom carrying case but for my use it will remain stationary in my home office/studio.
-Egirl from Santa Fe, NM

Excellent External Drive

I have three Glyph drives that I use for backup and have been very pleased with their performance. When I had some questions regarding daisy chaining, their tech support was very helpful. The drives are more expensive than some and worth it.
-Marcoman from Chicago

Best Hard drive out there!

Over the years I've bought quite a lot of hard drives, needless to say a hard drive failure can be the worst tragedy that could happen to a computer. Got this amazing hard drive in order to back up our server. Customer support is unbeatable. Having the peace of mind is worth every penny. This hard drive isn't as loud as some people posted, the fans aren't that bad. Will buy more of these!
-Maximilner from Baltimore, MD

The Cadillac of Portable Storage.

Its faster and dependable than just about anything else in its class. I've used clients drives (I'm a Post Supervisor for a major cable network) and have never had a Glyph die on me. If the higher price point and size is a turn off for you, consider what you gain in peace of mind and transfer speed. I have two Glyphs I back up all of my personal productions onto. I know my footage is safe without more complicated solutions.
-rparfait from new york, ny