Introducing the smartest Glyph drive yet.

The GT 062E has become a standard in production workflows. With capacities up to 8TB, the GT 062E includes an eSATA port, which enables over 250MB/s sustained transfer rate in RAID 0 mode. Connected by FireWire 800 or USB 2.0, the GT 062E reports the health of the two internal drives using Glyph Manager software. With dual SATA drives under the hood, and fault-tolerant RAID modes, there's plenty of speed and reliability for your production applications.

Configurable in Three Drive Modes

RAID 1 offers data redundancy and real-time backup by writing the same data to the two hard drives at the same time. Should a drive failure happen, data is still available on the remaining drive.
RAID 0 (striping) increases the performance of the drive system by spreading the data across two drives. RAID 0 is a proven technology for editing video, working with huge graphics files, sound libraries, and streaming instruments that play hundreds of samples simultaneously. RAID 0 is the default shipping drive mode.
Spanning mode simply shows the two internal drives as one large volume.

3-2-1 Warranty

Best Warranty in the Industry.

We are confident that our drive systems perform at the most reliable level. We back them up with a 3-Year warranty, 2-Year Free Basic Data Recovery Policy, and 1-Year Advance Replacement (U.S. Continental 48 States only).

A cool drive is a healthy drive

A cool drive is a healthy drive.

The GT 062E uses a quiet internal fan for maximum airflow and proper cooling. The case is designed with front-panel ventilation holes to draw cool air in, while exhausting warm air out the back - critical to the performance and reliability of the components.

Nobody likes wallwarts

Nobody likes wall-warts.

They are easily misplaced, or accidentally unplugged from the drive, and take up valuable outlet space. The GT 062E uses an industry-standard power cord and pro-quality internal power supply for the most efficient and reliable power source possible. Plus, but they are all fully auto-switching for international use.

Optional Rack-mount kits

Optional rack-mount kits.

The GT Series Single Rack Kit transforms your GT 062E into a 1U rack-mount hard drive. The Double Rack Kit mounts any two Glyph GT Series tabletop drives in a 1U rack space. (Sold separately).

Health Monitoring built in

Health Monitoring built in.

If a drive in your GT 062E experiences an issue, Glyph Manager software will warn you before it becomes a real problem. Along with setting the RAID mode, Glyph Manager constantly monitors Glyph drives using S.M.A.R.T. (industry-standard drive diagnostics), and reports the health to you. If a problem is detected, the front LED will blink red, and Glyph Manager software will alert you, allowing you to backup your data before any is lost. No other desktop drive has a diagnostic utility as smart as Glyph Manager. Download Glyph Manager 4 software here.

On 32-bit operating systems, Glyph Manager is supported using USB and FireWire. On 64-bit operating systems, Glyph Manager is supported using USB.

*Matrox tested the GT 062E and has qualified it to support the performance necessary for uncompressed 10-bit editing. Tests were performed on Mac and Windows operating systems, using Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere applications. Matrox and Glyph recommend using the GT 062E connected via it's eSATA port to a fast 4-lane eSATA card such as the Sonnet E4P. The RAID mode of the GT 062E should be set to RAID 0 for the fastest performance possible. RAID mode changes are performed using the Glyph Manager application which ships with the GT 062E. Press Release Here.

Older versions of Pro Tools® (version 8 and lower) do not support record or playback on disks larger than 2TB. The problem has been fixed in Pro Tools 9 and higher. Please read our
knowledgebase article for more information.

Older versions of Windows, such as 2000 and XP 32-bit, use Master Boot Record which doesn’t support volumes larger than 2TB. When the total capacity of the RAID is 2TB or higher, you must format the array using GPT in Windows. Please read our knowledgebase article for more information.